FF14 hype

Stormblood early access is pretty fun so far. I started Stormblood and May and I had fun but it wasn’t the greatest. So far though it’s been awesome seeing all these people online, seeing streams gets views, and the class changes have been fun.

Levelling was really awful early on but it’s been great so far. Hope more people pick up this game

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

HotS 2.0 has been mega fun. I started playing the game like a year ago and I’ve been playing on and off, it started off meh and  I thought the game was fun but I never really cared for it. But now it’s super awesome, a lot of the champs are great now and the reward changes are really fun.

A ton of people I know are trying it out and loving it. That’s really promising. It used to be a low population game, you’d find a game but it’d take a couple of minutes for queues to pop. Now it feels like S1 or S2 League of Legends. Just a growing game

FF14 Stormblood Prep

I’m pretty new to FF14, I started playing like two weeks ago and I’ve been levelling up a Rogue so I can play Ninja. They seemed cool, but a bunch of people on Reddit are saying that Ninja won’t be good when Stormblood comes out which is making me panicky.

I’ve decided to level everyone up to 15, and then probably max out my gathering classes so I can have money and be ready to play anything when Stormblood is out.

Final Fantasy XIV

I really like FF14. At first I couldn’t get into it. Everything was different, I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing, and it really didn’t click.

But after like two weeks of playing I’m really digging it. I’m digging learning and I’m digging what the game has to offer, like gathering/crafting being classes rather than a side job.

I’m into the aesthetic and the pretty casual yet bountiful content. Though I do miss the giant cities from WoW, I really like everything looked flavorful. Overall I think FF14 is very pretty, but I find each place similar looking to the rest so nothing really stands out.

Monster Hunter – The Most Fun A PVE Game Can Be

I haven’t played MHGen in a while but I fired it up today and it was great. I tried out MH1 and 2 on the PSP years ago but couldn’t get into it, but something about Gen is so fun. I’m not normally into games like this.

You could describe Monster Hunter as grindy and that you only fight monsters, and those qualities alone can turn people off, but it’s so fun. I think a lot of the satisfaction comes from the unique weapons and their styles. I really enjoy using the katana, and even though the katana only has a few moves I feel powerful and slick.

I generally play games for the PVP aspect. I just like fighting other players. I think many games have boring PVE, but since many of them involve auto targeting or just spamming buttons. You could say MH involves skill shots since you have to aim every attack, and with having to understand when to dodge, it’s like playing a fighting game.


FE:H Season 11 Pre Patch 1.20 Team



S11 Pre 1.20

I had this sick score at like 7am this morning. I was super proud of it, but it doesn’t mean much after the patch because everyone’s arena score is gonna go up by like 100-200 points probably.

I blew a ton of duel crests on this score too, now I’ll have to do the same or make the best of it with the free arena runs I’ve got.








IMG_0480Check out the team, this setup has been a favorite of mine.

It’s basically two tanks, a carry, and the bonus unit of the week. I like not using reds because I find reds have been edged out by blues, and now people use greens to meta game the blue usage a little bit.

I tried Reinhardt instead of Kagero but he didn’t have enough coverage. He’s a beast, but the coloring messed up his usefulness a lot.

I just made this Effie last week. I have a Nowi but I need Fury and Vantage on her which I don’t have yet. Triangle Adept used to be the premier Nowi A-skill but Fury is better because you don’t lose coverage to greens and the Vantage part really messes people up if they’re not prepared.



Kagero +Att -Def

My baby. I started putting Vantage on her, although it’s only Vantage 1 she gets to 25% really easy due to Fury 3.

I like Breath of Life. I need 300 SP for level 3 and that’s a long time, but I’m pretty proud of putting that skill on her. I do it because I usually play with characters that have Fury or a B-skill that requires % health to activate.

My goal was to make teams high enough where I wouldn’t fight against mages anymore, but due to merging and fury, mages are still there at high ranks. Kagero though low BST, she takes care of all of those mages for me.



Effie +Def -HP

This Effie is alright. The IV isn’t the worst or best so I don’t complain that much. It makes Bonfire a lot better, especially with bonuses Bonfire becomes pretty monstrous, the only issue is that Effie is already destroying everything so I never need Bonfire.

I had her as a 4* and so it made it really easy to get all of the SP together. It’s a simple Effie build that destroys most.





IMG_0477Spring Xander +Att -Res

I like this Xander. He’s a tank and he’s meant to tank damage and support the team. The carrot lance cancels out the fury which I like. Fury 3 is a little too dangerous, but I also didn’t have a Fury 3 on hand too, so it was convenient and made sense.

My spicy B-skill is Drag Back. It’s spicy because most of the other B-skills are meant to help damage or make the unit destroy more units, but Drag Back lets me do some really cool stuff, it helps other units get in range.




Hector +Def -Att

I pulled this Hector like three weeks ago, it was a super lucky single green orb but then I noticed the IVs and I was super sad.

I thought about not using him but I thought I could also make use of him though with his tanky stats. Not as a carry lord but as a tank, and that made everything better.

It’s a basic Hector build. I’ve kept Buckler on him, I might put Bonfire on him but I might just keep the defensive special on him.

Hector was best against blue units and himself though. I thought he was invaluable against fighting those units. He himself couldn’t do it, but without him this couldn’t have happened.


FE:H Goals

Because I’m so obsessed with this game I decided I needed structure before it takes over my life. If I’m always wanting more I’m going to spend tons, but on the flip side sometimes I think about how there’s not a whole lot to do and I consider quitting and I don’t want to do that either.

I decided to aim for these few things:

  • +10 Reinhardt – I really like my Reinhardt and I want to max him out
  • Core Team – I want a core team I can take into every week
  • Ike – They say Ike is coming after the summer so I’m waiting for that
  • Goad Teams – So like flier teams, armored teams, and horse teams
  • 4600 Arena Score – I’ve been in the 4500s but not the 4600s yet