FF14 hype

Stormblood early access is pretty fun so far. I started Stormblood and May and I had fun but it wasn’t the greatest. So far though it’s been awesome seeing all these people online, seeing streams gets views, and the class changes have been fun.

Levelling was really awful early on but it’s been great so far. Hope more people pick up this game

FF14 Stormblood Prep

I’m pretty new to FF14, I started playing like two weeks ago and I’ve been levelling up a Rogue so I can play Ninja. They seemed cool, but a bunch of people on Reddit are saying that Ninja won’t be good when Stormblood comes out which is making me panicky.

I’ve decided to level everyone up to 15, and then probably max out my gathering classes so I can have money and be ready to play anything when Stormblood is out.

Final Fantasy XIV

I really like FF14. At first I couldn’t get into it. Everything was different, I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing, and it really didn’t click.

But after like two weeks of playing I’m really digging it. I’m digging learning and I’m digging what the game has to offer, like gathering/crafting being classes rather than a side job.

I’m into the aesthetic and the pretty casual yet bountiful content. Though I do miss the giant cities from WoW, I really like everything looked flavorful. Overall I think FF14 is very pretty, but I find each place similar looking to the rest so nothing really stands out.