Star Wars Rebellion is Awesome

Really fun board game. I played it like six months ago with a friend and we barely got the hang of it. I opened it last Tuesday though and played it ago. Mostly on a whim since I hadn’t touched it in a while, and it was pretty fun.

Originally the combat wasn’t fun. Tracking the life and damage can feel tedious. But after playing Forbidden Stars the Rebellion combat clicked with me. It was fun and the game was actually much simpler after I had time to absorb the rules.

Anyway if you’re really interested in that Star Wars feel, Rebellion handles it really well

Scythe is fun

The last time I played Scythe was about a year ago. Today I played it again and it was super fun. We didn’t have a ton of time to play so we shortened the length but everyone had a lot more fun this time than the last time.

Though this doesn’t have anything to do with the length of the game. I just think everyone understood the game more and we had a better group this time. Anyway Scythe was really fun and it’s awesome to have a game with a ton of options in it.

Blood Rage is a Fun Game

I played Blood Rage once like a year ago. It was good but I forgot about it till yesterday when I played it at a meetup. It was awesome. My group was into it and I think everyone enjoyed it.

My group is fairly new to games. Some of them play videogames but overall they’re new to board games. I think Blood Rage was a good step up for them. A lot of them like 7 Wonders and Blood Rage is like that with some additional mechanics.

Anyway it’s been awesome finding a fun game that everyone likes.

Board Game Meetup

I’ve been putting off going to my board game meetup forever but I went with some friends today and it was super fun. I think there are a lot of places that host board game nights, comic stores, conventions, and they’ll even have board games you can just play for free, but it’s really hard for me to go by myself because then I have to break into someone’s group and ask if I can play and everything, it’s tough.

But today when I went with friends it was super easy, everyone noticed our group and they chatted us and we made friends and we had fun. I’ll be back there in two weeks for the next meetup but I’m sad I didn’t start doing this earlier.

DND low turnout sessions

I’ve been trying out the LFG subreddit to find DND players. Lately I’ve been getting into DND because I like the 5e rules and I find them pretty fun. But everytime I try making a group of the LFG players they like never show up. I’ll have 5 or 6 people right, and only 2 will show up. Drives me nuts at first, because I’m like I wanted at least 3!

Turns out though  I really enjoy sessions with one or two people. At first it’s intimidating like it’s just me and them, but I found it pretty low stress.  I like improvising a lot which having less people makes that easy for me. I also found that having few people let’s them take more control of their characters role in the adventure

Anyway I’ve really embraced those low turnout sessions, they’ve been pretty fun. I just hope I can get a good group going though

Santorini – Connect Four With Gods


When describing the mechanics of Santorini, the game sounds super boring. You have workers and they make buildings and the first person to reach the top of the building wins. And when you hear that you’re like, “That’s it? You want to play a game like this?”

But! After a game of Santorini, you think, “Wow that’s good.” And really I think Santorini should be discussed for it’s emotional merits.

For me, Santorini is a game that win or lose, I want to play again. Some two player games, I feel like they’re stressful and that there’s a lot of tension. War games can be that way, or games with a lot of information to keep up with.

Santorini is simple. It’s like a game someone would play in their childhood like checkers or tic tac  toe. Everyone has the same information and the rules are very strict, but the game felt very free. I felt like there were tons of things I wanted to try and I never felt animosity when my opponent made a good move.

I think because the game doesn’t have direct conflict and because the game is about building there’s not the same stress in other two player games. A similar game might be Patchwork, but in Patchwork I never wanted to play it twice in a row. I think it’s because Patchwork has a lot of thought and information to keep up with. There’s not as much active movement.

Santorini is about two things, moving and building. The game revolves around just that and what you can do with those rules. When I played it, I felt in the zone. Sometimes in a game I’m a little bored or I’m not fully into it. Yet overall I can still be having fun. But with Santorini I really was thinking about what would happen next, what this move meant, and if I could have this happen. It felt really good to discover strong moves and to figure the game out.

Santorini doesn’t have many low moments, and low moments being like you lose a unit or something really negative happens. Santorini brought out a lot of pleasure and creativity for me.

Arcadia Quest Variants

I like Arcadia Quest but it can be tedious. The setup is lengthy, explaining rules can be difficult, and it can take a couple of hours to play.

I had some variants in mind that would utilize the basic rules and ideas of Arcadia Quest, but would make the game fit my needs better.

Here are three ideas to shake up Arcadia Quest:


-Gold = Items

I like the buying system but it can be slow. I don’t know many people willing to commit to a campaign, so they miss out on a lot of cool items, and their experience can be a little watered down.

My idea was that, for every gold the player would normally receive, the receive a level 1 item instead. And they can get rid of a two of the same level item to receive an item one level above. So if they had two level 1 items, they could trade that for a level 2 item. The players get three choice of items, and they just pick one.


-User Generated Maps

The maps are awesome, but for episodic games I think I might be better off just making a random map.

One player could make their own map with their own objectives, or every player could take a turn adding a part of the map.

Then players could also take turn adding doors, exploration tokens, and monsters wherever they wanted. It would be like Samurai, strategically placing important pieces while also making the setup quicker and funner.

-Three heroes against evil

I really like the conan board game, it’s great. But I was thinking that Arcadia Quest could be hacked into an overlord vs heroes game.

The heroes would be part of the same guild and they would all go at the same time. Each player would have a hero and they all get to move three spaces and attack. The only thing would be that they have to decide to move as a group or rest as a group, which I think is interesting.

The overlord would move three units on their turn, but also get the same benefits of regular Arcadia Quest, that they can move and retaliate when their monsters are attacked.