DM Diaries #1

Matthew Colville has videos like this on his channel, everything he does is super cool so I thought I’d do something similar.

Last week I hosted my first DND game with my friends. I’ve done it a few time with randos but never with a group of my friends. It was a little tough since we did it over voice chat and there were more people than I was used to. I actually like DMing small numbers, like one or two. I’ve heard some people don’t consider that real DND but I’ve done one or two person sessions a few times and they went very well.

Before I’ve only played DND through text. That was awesome but I felt like I had a little bit more time to think and better execution. I might just be better at writing things out than speaking.

So anyway I didn’t fully like my session last Thursday. It actually wasn’t bad looking back at it but I had some errors I’m unhappy with. We’re going to maybe end up having 8 people or so and I think I’m going to try and run a hexcrawl so I’ve been in the process of making a map. Will let you all know how this works out later.

Heroes of the Storm 2.0

HotS 2.0 has been mega fun. I started playing the game like a year ago and I’ve been playing on and off, it started off meh and  I thought the game was fun but I never really cared for it. But now it’s super awesome, a lot of the champs are great now and the reward changes are really fun.

A ton of people I know are trying it out and loving it. That’s really promising. It used to be a low population game, you’d find a game but it’d take a couple of minutes for queues to pop. Now it feels like S1 or S2 League of Legends. Just a growing game

Board Game Meetup

I’ve been putting off going to my board game meetup forever but I went with some friends today and it was super fun. I think there are a lot of places that host board game nights, comic stores, conventions, and they’ll even have board games you can just play for free, but it’s really hard for me to go by myself because then I have to break into someone’s group and ask if I can play and everything, it’s tough.

But today when I went with friends it was super easy, everyone noticed our group and they chatted us and we made friends and we had fun. I’ll be back there in two weeks for the next meetup but I’m sad I didn’t start doing this earlier.

DND low turnout sessions

I’ve been trying out the LFG subreddit to find DND players. Lately I’ve been getting into DND because I like the 5e rules and I find them pretty fun. But everytime I try making a group of the LFG players they like never show up. I’ll have 5 or 6 people right, and only 2 will show up. Drives me nuts at first, because I’m like I wanted at least 3!

Turns out though  I really enjoy sessions with one or two people. At first it’s intimidating like it’s just me and them, but I found it pretty low stress.  I like improvising a lot which having less people makes that easy for me. I also found that having few people let’s them take more control of their characters role in the adventure

Anyway I’ve really embraced those low turnout sessions, they’ve been pretty fun. I just hope I can get a good group going though

FF14 Stormblood Prep

I’m pretty new to FF14, I started playing like two weeks ago and I’ve been levelling up a Rogue so I can play Ninja. They seemed cool, but a bunch of people on Reddit are saying that Ninja won’t be good when Stormblood comes out which is making me panicky.

I’ve decided to level everyone up to 15, and then probably max out my gathering classes so I can have money and be ready to play anything when Stormblood is out.

Final Fantasy XIV

I really like FF14. At first I couldn’t get into it. Everything was different, I didn’t know where I was going or what I was doing, and it really didn’t click.

But after like two weeks of playing I’m really digging it. I’m digging learning and I’m digging what the game has to offer, like gathering/crafting being classes rather than a side job.

I’m into the aesthetic and the pretty casual yet bountiful content. Though I do miss the giant cities from WoW, I really like everything looked flavorful. Overall I think FF14 is very pretty, but I find each place similar looking to the rest so nothing really stands out.

Monster Hunter – The Most Fun A PVE Game Can Be

I haven’t played MHGen in a while but I fired it up today and it was great. I tried out MH1 and 2 on the PSP years ago but couldn’t get into it, but something about Gen is so fun. I’m not normally into games like this.

You could describe Monster Hunter as grindy and that you only fight monsters, and those qualities alone can turn people off, but it’s so fun. I think a lot of the satisfaction comes from the unique weapons and their styles. I really enjoy using the katana, and even though the katana only has a few moves I feel powerful and slick.

I generally play games for the PVP aspect. I just like fighting other players. I think many games have boring PVE, but since many of them involve auto targeting or just spamming buttons. You could say MH involves skill shots since you have to aim every attack, and with having to understand when to dodge, it’s like playing a fighting game.