Hybrid Bridal Cordelia

IMG_0585_1.PNGI pulled a Bridal Cordelia and it had +HP -Def which was pretty weird. Not the worst but not the best.

I decided it wasn’t worth going full brave bow build since she’d only have 35 speed with Life and Death 3. I settled on just a hybrid build where she could boost people and maybe snipe a few squishes.

I actually want Spur Attack over Breath of Life but i’ve got no extras to spare. I’ve considered running QR3 because she has 40 life and she could have 43 with the +3 HP seal which would be pretty neat. I had this alternative build in mind which maybe I should’ve done but I didn’t want to sacrifice my Klein for it.


Counter Cordelia

Cupid Arrow+

Rally Atk/Spd


A – Deathblow 3

B – Quick Riposte 3

C – Spur Attack 3

+3 HP Seal

This wold’ve made use of her +HP IV. I actually don’t know why I didn’t do it, probably because I didn’t want to sacrifice that five star just for this.

My current Cordelia I’m not super happy with. She’s a mixture between being offensive and supporty which I like. Breath of Life will actually help during the upcoming Tempest Trials, but arena wise I think the Spur Attack would’ve been massively better.



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